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When are you going to launch your game?

The game is still under development. We will start our Alpha test around Oct, 2021 and launch on IOS App Store and Google Game Store around early 2022.

Who are you targeting and how large is your target market?

The target audience is all the curious people who have some chip time to spend, who are interested in games (especially AR games like Pokémon Go) or travel and have online or offline consumption abilities. The potential target market is millions of users based on data from other location-based AR game.

Come Work with Us

Unity Developer - About The Job

Seekereal is looking for a Unity developer to help us devleop game mechianics and multi player data storage. You can create the game in your way. You will also join a team with experienced game developer and great design technology specalist who are funny, creative and full of energy.

Thanks for submitting!

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